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Private Charters

Booking a Private Charter will certainly result in a unique and memorable experience and one that is guaranteed to impress your clients or delegates.
Privately chartered boats for example vary considerably, from unique settings for intimate meetings to space for full gala dinners or parties.
Some suppliers offer boats which are moored, providing an exclusive static venue with waterfront views. These range from historic vessels such as tea clippers to retired navy ships. They are the perfect venue for a new product launch or board meeting, as complete privacy is guaranteed.
Other suppliers can tailor sightseeing tours via private charter on either land or water to take in iconic landscapes and scenery while guests are served a three-course meal or offered entertainment.
Private bus charters for example are ideal for VIP airport and hotel transfers and the ultimate in comfort for exclusive group sightseeing tours.
Most Private Charter bus and coach companies offer transport, entertainment space and catering facilities all in one venue; ideal for sporting events, outdoor concerts and music festivals.
For that wow factor and a red carpet welcome that won’t fail to impress, check out the exclusive Private Charter options from our listed suppliers.

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