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Consumers and event attendees are smarter, and they know what they want. It’s no longer about seeing an advertised event and buying a ticket for it on the spot, or choosing a venue because that’s where the event has always been held. It’s now more about digital research, reading online reviews, and checking out feedback on social media.
People now have a raft of media methods at their fingertips. And with the migration more toward inbound marketing, it’s imperative to be where the customer is at the right place and at the right time.
Paid search is a strategic element of this customer journey. It means your advert will appear when your target audience is online and is conducting their research via search engines.
It can complement your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts and gives you the flexibility to create messaging that is targeted, with a call to action, which can be changed quickly and easily.
Many consumer events target niche audiences in geo-specific areas. Paid search can provide this level of targeting and is a useful tactic if you have a more limited event marketing budget, or if you only need your ads to show up in a certain part of the country.
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