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DJ & Karaoke Hire

Hiring a DJ for a party, reception, function or dinner doesn’t have to be a drain on the budget. When you think of a DJ, you may think nightclub celebrities who charge small fortunes to turn up and spin a few tunes. In the corporate events market, established DJs are represented by entertainment agencies and charge market prices by the hour. So a good recommendation from a party planner or events organiser won’t necessarily cost you the earth.

Events DJs also understand that their music needs to set the mood of the event rather than drown out any conversation. Make sure you brief the agency or individual thoroughly so that when background music is required during dinner or networking for example, the DJ knows what sound levels to play at, compared with those times when they need to get the party started and encourage everyone onto the dance-floor and away from the bar.

It’s always a good idea to discuss playlists with the DJ as well. Some will only play their type of music and won’t want people coming up to the DJ booth and making requests whilst others will gladly play some cheesy Eighties tunes or double up as toastmaster if required.
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