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Barrier & Fence Hire

If you need to properly secure your event location, then you need one of our listed fencing and barrier hire companies. From fencing pins and road barriers to crowd control barriers and security fences, these firms have everything you’ll need to protect passers-by and to make sure that only authorised people can enter certain areas. Many of these suppliers will have huge quantities of fencing in stock to suit any size of outdoor event. Sometimes you can book barriers with any type of stage or audio-visual screen if it’s just that area you need to control.

When hiring products to manage crowd control, there is often no need to arrange extra labour or fork lift trucks as the majority of these suppliers will also supply crew to off-load the temporary fencing for you and then pick it up again after your event. The speed at which these companies can deploy roadside barriers is exceptional and the majority have trailers and all terrain vehicles to reach those tricky festival sites.

Suppliers listed here on will also offer a fully professional installation service and can advise on requirements based on their vast experience supplying to festivals, county shows, private parties, weddings and other outdoor event activity.
Chipping Norton
EIB Group
Echo Barrier

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