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Event Design

Event design agencies are there to take the strain and ensure that every aspect of your event’s branding is meticulously planned from start to finish.
The agencies listed here on may offer services such as in-house production, set design, stand graphics, digital services, delegate registration websites and badge design, plus a plethora of other branding and design opportunities.
By the very nature of their role, they are all creative communicators and have had experience in every aspect of designing an event so will be happy to suggest ideas and more ways to extend the reach of your event or exhibition stand presence through design.
They’ll also be able to come up with original ideas on theming and conference set-ups. They’ll help with your budget planning and the overall look and feel of your event.
They’ll ensure that your graphics and set designs are delivered on time, fitted and produced to the highest standards. Drawing on a team of creative designers and technicians who are there from initial briefing to de-rigging, these companies can ensure that you get the most out of your business event or exhibition presence.
Crystal Media Ltd
Event Art
Leamington Spa
Hollywood Monster
Oyster Studios
Take the Mike
Techniques Group

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