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Event Theming Decor

Maybe you have a theme in mind for a party that you need help with in order to bring it to life, or perhaps you’re looking to purchase a themed package where everything is taken care of? Whatever your event theming requirements, there are lots of brilliant party planners who can help.
Popular themes include James Bond, with casinos and guests in dinner jackets and glamorous outfits, masquerade balls, and burlesque themes. Your event can be themed by decade, from the roaring 20s to swinging 60s – perfect for a birthday or anniversary celebration where the music and food can be linked to the theme.
You can draw on inspiration from around the world to dress your event. Perhaps a Las Vegas themed event, with gambling and glamour, would appeal to your guests? Or something with a Hollywood theme, complete with red carpet. Venues can even be transformed into Caribbean beaches where guests can relax with cocktails under palm trees and listen to a steel band.
The time of year can also determine the theme, from Christmas parties in winter wonderlands to Halloween-themed events. Whatever your choice, the venue, props, food, drinks, music, invitations and entertainment will match perfectly thanks to the expertise of our listed suppliers.
3D Creations Ltd
More Production
Oasis Events Ltd
Real Oasis

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