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Ground Protection & Reinforcement

Squelching through mud might be a tradition for the revelers at Glastonbury and other festivals but your major clients and VIP guests are going to be looking for something more suitable, professional and safer to step onto in their Manolo Blahniks and Louboutins.

Given the British weather, it pays to have proper ground protection and reinforcement in place. Event planners can hire or purchase a range of products, from ground protection mats, to trackways and mesh to protect grass.

Heavy-duty mesh or tiles can be used to transform rough terrain into parking areas and avoid the ground getting churned up and vehicles stuck. Temporary flooring can be put in place to turn a sports field into an events space while protecting the turf underneath. And temporary roadways can be built to assist in the build of an event and to create safe working environments.

The companies listed here on have worked with the likes of the National Trust, the Tour de France and Land Rover to ensure their venues and spaces have the flooring they need to make their event a success. Many of them offer an express delivery service too and full advice on the best products.
GT Trax Ltd
Trackway Solutions

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