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Event Insurance

Our Event Insurance suppliers listed on offer tailor-made cover for event planners, including cancellation and abandonment, public liability, employers' liability and property cover.
For organisers working with a number of exhibitors, many specialist insurance firms can provide a unique website portal so that exhibitors can purchase their insurance direct. This protects the event organiser and is also a way to earn additional revenue.
Event insurance is a necessity in today’s uncertain world. When the unexpected occurs, like severe weather conditions, the only ray of sunshine for event organisers can be the peace of mind that comes with cancellation insurance.
Organisers should ensure they have insurance in place as early as possible in the event planning process. Our suppliers recommend getting a policy as soon as you have started paying for your event. Buying early will cover you for a longer period of time, often at a lower cost than insuring closer to the event date. If you wait too long to buy your insurance, you may not get all the protection you need. You may not get cover for adverse weather, for example, if forecasters are already predicting it.
So contact one of our listed suppliers today and get the peace of mind your event deserves.
CoverMarque Ltd
Hiscox Ltd
Towergate Coverex

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