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Electronic Point of Sale technology is affordable and vital these days for all venues and hotels. The installation of a decent EPoS system in a venue’s restaurant or bar or in a hotel, will not only help operators manage staffing, stock control and reservations, but also ensure that service is fast and accurate.

EPoS includes innovative stock control and reports designed to manage the flow and quantity of product. It makes ordering product quicker so operators tend to order more frequently and save money from being tied up with surplus stock.

Hand held terminals are available for table side order input, whilst kitchen management systems that display orders back of house; back office management and reporting systems and purchasing systems that allow orders to be automatically placed with third party companies based on stock level monitoring, can all be added as required.

Contacting our listed EPoS providers will bring considerable benefits to your venue or hotel business. These include better stock management, detailed and bespoke back office reports, reduced staff errors, more focused marketing and faster transaction times. So what are you waiting for?
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