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Currency:  Litas
Country Code:  +370
Visa Required:  No
Health Advice:  Hepatitis A and Typhoid immunisation recommended

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Lithuania The Republic of Lithuania lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. In the north, the country borders on Latvia, in the east – on Belarus in the south – on Poland and Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation. The country has been an active member of the European Union (since May 1, 2004) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (since March 29, 2004). Lithuania is the only Baltic country with nearly eight hundred years of statehood tradition, while its name was first mentioned almost one thousand years ago, in 1009. Wedged at the dividing line of Western and Eastern civilizations, Lithuania battled dramatically for its independence and survival. Lithuania has three international airports and scheduled flights operated by 11 different airlines connect Vilnius with all major Western and Eastern European hubs; 3 airlines service Kaunas Airport, and 5 airlines service Palanga Airport (holiday resort in close proximity to the Klaipėda seaport).


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