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Currency:  Euro
Country Code:  +30
Health Advice:  Hepatitis A and Typhoid : immunisation or tablets recommended.

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Greece Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.  The wonderful scenery, its friendly and clean seas, the mild climate, the unique historical heritage, as well as traditional Greek hospitality, are the merits that have made the country an especially attractive destination for visitors.  Moreover, the tourist sector constitutes one of the main sources of Greeceā€™s national wealth, as it contributes annually more than 18% to the G.N.P., creates approximately 700,000 jobs and also plays a decisive role in the development of the periphery. After the success of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the completion of the construction of major infrastructure projects, Greece has entered a new promising era.  The organisation of above major athletic event, which left an excellent impression with the global community, highlighted the enormous possibilities of the country and proved that Greece has gained the trust of big entrepreneurs on the international market, both in tourism and other areas, and gradually is establishing itself as the ideal choice of destination for the organisation of larger and smaller conventions, international exhibitions, other planned manifestations, as well as major investments within the framework of the tourist industry. There are 44 airports operating in Greece which fall into three categories: State International Airports, State Domestic Airports and Municipal Airports. The 15 State International Airports accommodate airplanes of scheduled and non-scheduled airlines (especially during the summer) as well as charter flights, and handle approximately 82% of the tourists who arrive annually in the country.


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