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Country Code:  +358

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Finland Finland is a safe and reliable destination, easily accessible from all over the world. Its geographical location between East and West makes it even more interesting as a conference venue. The country’s northern location, its tidy towns and unpolluted environment, its versatile culture and friendly people make it ideal for international gatherings. Finland is known today as a country of high technology and a leader in various fields of science, but it is much more. If you appreciate clean, endless, unspoilt nature, Finland provides dramatic settings for all sorts of adventures. Countless waterways, peaceful forests and breathtaking fells offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy numerous outdoor activities all year round. The four distinctly different seasons create four different settings in the course of the year: the winter months with awesome polar lights in the north and the snow, with endless possibilities for a variety of activities, the vigour of awakening nature in the spring, the white nights and warmth of the summer and in the northernmost part of Finland the midnight sun, and the blazing colours of autumn. The world’s most competitive country has an impressive education system and a highly educated population. Finland has 1,100 venues: conference centres, hotels, log cabins, spas, cruise ships; Ten venues to accommodate 1,000–10,000 people.


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