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Innovation Norway

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Country Profile: Norway
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Destination Picture With its high tech industry and breathtaking nature, Norway is a good destination for companies that want a clean and unspoilt nature while yet have all comforts of a modern destination. Why not join a killer whale safari or drive your own team of huskies over the snow clad mountains? Access is excellent, there are 114 flights into Norway from the UK, serving Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, Haugesund and Trondheim. And from those hubs, a web of local connections stretches out into every corner of the country. Norway is secure and politically stable; Norway is peaceful and clean; Norway is well-known for its research within the fields of, petroleum industry, medicine, telemedicine, science, bio-production and processing; The Norwegian meeting industry offers professional organising, easy access with modern infrastructure, recreation and activities for your event; Norway’s largest cities are small compared to other European metropolises, they are easy to get around in, with everything within walking distance; Norway is a friendly, beautiful and well organised destination; Norway is less than two hours away from most capital cities and hubs in Europe by air; Norway has one of the best-developed air travel networks in the world; Norway offers congress facilities with top modern technology and up-to-date facilities in a magnificent natural setting; Congress venues in Norway offer efficient organisation, easy access with modern infrastructure and inspiring recreational activities; Friendly, down-to-earth people, unique scenery, summer nights bright as day and delightful snowy winters make Norway a very special country; In summer, there are plenty of attractions and activities to keep you busy - the un-spoilt open country of the Sámi people in the north and fjords, salmon fishing and festivals in the south.