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Holiday Inn BHM Airport NEC - Midlands Service Excellent Award 2024

Published: 26 Apr 2024

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC proudly announces its recent recognition as the recipient of the prestigious Midlands Service Excellence Award for Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, or Event Space of the Year 2024. The hotel clinched this esteemed accolade based on its outstanding performance in four key areas: Sustainability, Technology Innovation, Charity and Community, and Staff Welfare.

Sustainability: Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainability, implementing initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. The installation of four electric vehicle (EV) charging points and the introduction of eco-friendly key cards are just a few examples of the hotel's efforts to promote environmental stewardship. By collaborating with Tree-v to offset guests' car emissions through tree-planting initiatives, the hotel aligns its growth with ecological responsibility.

Technology Innovation: Innovation lies at the heart of Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC's success. The hotel's adoption of self-check-in machines has enhanced service efficiency while reducing paper usage, contributing to a more sustainable operation. Additionally, the integration of tablets and QR codes in the restaurant reflects the hotel's commitment to providing a convenient and touchless dining experience for its tech-savvy guests.

Charity and Community: As a socially responsible establishment, Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC actively supports charitable endeavours that make a positive impact on the broader community. Through initiatives such as bake sales, '100 Skips a Day' challenges, and partnerships with organizations like Save the Children and Breast Cancer Awareness, the hotel demonstrates its dedication to giving back and fostering a culture of philanthropy.

Staff Welfare: Recognising the importance of investing in its most valuable asset, the hotel places a strong emphasis on staff welfare and development. The elevation of twelve team members to leadership positions within six months highlights the hotel's commitment to nurturing talent from within. Furthermore, the introduction of the IHG Brand University Scheme underscores the hotel's dedication to continuous learning and growth, ensuring that its staff members are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles.

Celebrating a series of remarkable achievements, Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC remains dedicated to upholding its commitment to excellence in hospitality. The consistent accolades received by the Housekeeping Team reflect the hotel's unwavering dedication to maintaining superior cleanliness and guest satisfaction.

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