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Enhance your meeting or event at Hilton London Croydon

Published: 22 Feb 2024

We’re transforming meetings by delivering an all new experience centred around wellness, designed for you to host stress-free, relaxed events where you and your delegates will thrive. We know that attendees who are relaxed and feel great are more likely to be fully engaged and will look forward to coming back again. From healthy food and drinks to mindful experiences and social spaces designed for positive interaction, we put wellbeing first.

Upgrade your meeting or event with our unique Wellness Coach, a special wellness day delegate package, or the fun and engaging Brain Gym package for an experience your delegates are sure to remember. 

Wellness DDR £10 Per Person 
Enhance your meeting with the following features: 

-Memory-boosting food and hydration station 
-Gym access for all delegates 
-Access to the Fallon Garden outdoor space 
-Wellness books and magazines 
-Slippers instead of office footwear 
-Preferential rates at on-site Beto Beauty 

Wellness coach £200 per day 
With our Wellness Coach, you can choose the activity yourself: mindfulness programmes with specific wellbeing goals, customised difficulty levels, preferred music tracks and the length of the session.  Bring a sense of calm to your meeting or event, and help your delegates feel centres, present, focused, and ready to engage. 

Brain Gym
Inspire your delegates with our Brain Gym experience featuring: 

-Mind games
-Motivational podcasts 
-Mental gymnastics 
-Fidget toys 
-Word puzzles 

Inspired creativity & relaxation 
Focusing on the moment can be challenging when the day-to-day stresses and project deadlines are weighing you down.  Our inspired creativity and relaxation rooms are designed to help your delegates feel centred and focused on the present. 

Relaxation room upgrade: £300 per day 
When your delegates are relaxed and in a state of mindfulness, they will be more receptive to new ideas. They’ll feel more engaged in our relaxation room, featuring: 

-Mood lighting 
-Light therapy 
-Resting area (large bean bags) 

Creativity room upgrade £250 per day 
Create new products, develop new ideas or teach new skills in our Creativity Room, designed to inspire with the following features: 

-Vision boards – electronic/IT walls 
-Soft seating 
-Natural daylight 

Reconnect your team 
Bring your team together for an experience outside of the office to help them reconnect with one another. As a reward for a big success or as a way to kick off a new project, our team building activities are a great way to inspire your team to find new ways to work together.  

Team building activities  
-Choose from a selection of ice breakers and activities (complimentary) 
-Build a plane (from £100 up to six people building one plane) 
-Fly a plane (complimentary) 
-Ready steady cook (£15 per person for a starter; £25 per person for two courses)  
-Scavenger hunt (complimentary) 
-Feed the local community (charity option from £10 per person) 

Reflect, relax, and rejuvenate in one of our Hilton London Croydon Wellness rooms  
Features include: 

-Air purifying plant 
-Himalayan salt lamps 
-Lavender pillow spray 
-Selection of organic Hope and Glory teas and fruit infused water 
-Wellness tray 
-Fluffy bathrobes, slippers and yoga equipment 

Wellness gift set 
Indulge in the ultimate pamper experience with one of our Hilton Wellness Gift Sets.  Available to purchase at the Front Desk for only £35.  The box includes: 

-A reed diffuser 
-Bath bombs 
-Face serum oil 
-Lavender pillow spray 

For more details on any of the above contact us via: 
Email or call 020 8680 3000  

Hilton London Croydon

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