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Enhancing Our Sustainability Efforts - Roehampton Venues

Published: 21 Apr 2023

To further enhance our sustainability efforts across our properties and the wider campus of The University of Roehampton we have implemented a compostable waste stream that allows for the centralised disposal of food waste and catering disposables.

Through research and evaluation of several options, selected was Harp Renewables' thermophilic aerobic digester machine. This technology converts 80% of compostable waste into compost in just 24 hours. It constantly regenerates microbes, neutralizes ammonia to eliminate unpleasant odours, and heats to 70 degrees to reduce pathogens. Additionally, it prevents the oxidation of carbon into CO2, thereby minimising greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result, we are now able to produce nutrient-rich soil products that can be used throughout our campus, eliminating compostable waste in landfills, offsetting our carbon footprint, and contributing to a circular economy with an accredited biofertilizer.

We encourage all guests and potential clients to dispose of compostable waste in an eco-friendly manner, reducing our carbon footprint but please do talk to the team on site for further ways for a green event.

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