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How Event Delegates Can Be More Eco-Friendly

Published: 31 Jul 2018

When organising your conference or event, it can give you great pace of mind to choose venue operators who have made a meaningful commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are sure you want to carry this ethos over into your event, so here are some tips to help you be as green as you can.

Location – Think carefully about where you should hold your event, how people are going to get there, and whether your proposed venue is the most sensible option for those wanting to keep their travel to a minimum. A well equipped venue, like 99 City Road, will be able to provide video conferencing facilities to help delegates who can’t get there easily or who cannot justify the travel involved. Similarly, for those delegates who plan to stay overnight, think about recommending hotels and accommodation that are within walking distance of the venue that implement their own green initiatives, such as towel re-use programmes.

Transport links – Strong public transport links can mean the difference between fairly eco-friendly travel and everyone rolling in to your conference in their cars. If a car is the only option for some, encourage your delegates to car share, where possible, to lower their carbon footprint.

Go paperless – We are all adjusting to paperless offices and there is no reason why your conference cannot follow the same principles. Apps, QR codes, intranet, websites and social media all come into their own for event planning and for the running of the event – use them.

Ditch plastic – A few years go plastic was seen everywhere at conferences and event – water bottles, goodie bags, information packs, cutlery, even name badges were routinely plastic. Happily things have moved on and there are lots of options. Use recycled card or paper items, serve water in glasses and jugs, and always be ready to ask the question: ‘is this item useful, necessary and eco-friendly?’ If the answer is no, then think again. 

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