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Address: Heldenplatz
Tel: 020 3011 3102
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Flight time from UK: 2 hrs 15 mins
Time Zone: GMT +1 hour
Location & Parking: City centre


In 1881, the building of the large, semicircular wing of the Hofburg Palace was begun. The design was by Semper; but initially Hasenauer, and then E. Ritter v. Förster, Friedrich Ohmann and Ludwig Baumann were responsible for the building work. Initially designed as a huge Imperial Forum, intended as a celebration of the Austrian Empire, the work dragged on until the First World War and is still not completed today. The building‘s magnificence and the beauty of its interior decorations make it one of the most sumptuous buildings errected in Austria during the second half of the 19th century.

Since 1908, the building known as the Neue Burg has housed various collections: the first was the collection assembled by the heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, during his voyage around the world. After his assassination in 1914, it was incorporated into the imperial collections as the „Estensian Collection". In time, more and more collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum were housed in the Hofburg Palace.

Since 1935, the main floor has housed the Collection of Arms and Armour, and since 1945 the Collection of Musical Instruments (initially displayed as part of the Estensian Collection).

In 1978, the sumptuous staircase was adapted to house the Ephesos Museum. During events, you can offer your guests or clients an exclusive private view of these unique collections, with and without guided tour.

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