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Best Western London Heathrow Ariel

Special Offers

Summer DDR Prices start from £36.00 inc VAT

From: 15/06/2023 - 30/08/2024
Day Delegate Rate included within this package

• Exclusive meeting room hire
• Projector, screen, and flip chart
• Car Parking for delegates
• Wi-Fi access throughout the venue
• Mineral water and Sweets
• Unlimited Tea/Coffee throughout the day
• Delegates stationery – Pens note pads and flip chart pen (s)
• Snacks and fruits (Morning and Afternoon)
• Working buffet or Sandwich lunch
• Dedicated event coordinator

Board Meeting Room Hire start from £150 a day

From: 15/06/2023 - 30/08/2024
This well-appointed meeting room has a capacity that can accommodate different seating arrangements. For a boardroom-style setup, it comfortably seats up to 10 participants, allowing for a focused and collaborative atmosphere conducive to discussions, presentations, and decision-making. The spacious table at the center of the room provides ample space for laptops, documents, and other essential materials.

When arranged in a classroom-style configuration, the Grosvenor Room can host up to 12 individuals, providing a more interactive and engaging setting for training sessions, workshops, or educational programs. The attendees can sit at individual desks or tables, each equipped with power outlets and connectivity options to ensure a seamless learning experience.

For larger presentations or lectures, the room can be arranged in a theatre-style layout, accommodating up to 15 guests. The seating arrangement features rows of comfortable chairs, all facing towards a prominent screen or stage area. This arrangement is perfect for conferences, keynote speeches, product launches, or any event that requires a more formal presentation setup.

For more intimate discussions or executive meetings, the U shape configuration is ideal. With a capacity of 8 participants, this layout fosters face-to-face interaction and enhances communication among attendees. The U-shaped table allows for a focal point in the center, making it convenient for group discussions, negotiations, or strategy sessions.

Daily delegate rate: £150.00
Delegate rates are net of discount and exclusive of sales tax

Conference Room Hire start from £250 a day

From: 15/06/2023 - 30/08/2024
This versatile room offers a comfortable and productive environment for various types of gatherings.

It can comfortably accommodate 22 participants for boardroom-style meetings, allowing for focused discussions and decision-making. For interactive training sessions or workshops, it can accommodate up to 30 individuals in a classroom-style setup, promoting engagement and knowledge sharing.

With a theater-style arrangement, the Ripley Room is ideal for larger presentations, seminars, or conferences, accommodating up to 50 attendees. The seating ensures clear visibility of the stage or screen, enabling impact presentations and effective dissemination of information.

For more intimate discussions or collaboration, the U-shape layout comfortably seats 16 participants, fostering interaction and facilitating effective communication. This setup is well-suited for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, or strategy planning.

If you prefer a relaxed and informal atmosphere, the Cabaret arrangement can accommodate 18 guests. This provides a comfortable setting for group discussions or smaller workshops, with tables available for note-taking and group activities.

The Ripley Room can also be transformed into a banquet-style space, seating up to 25 individuals. This layout is perfect for celebratory events, networking dinners, or corporate gatherings, offering a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

We ensure the comfort and alertness of your delegates throughout the day by providing complimentary coffee and refreshments. Additionally, a working buffet lunch can be ordered to provide nourishment and energy for a productive meeting experience.

We strive to create a comfortable and productive environment for your delegates, ensuring a successful and memorable session.

Daily delegate rate: £250.00
Delegate rates are net of discount and exclusive of sales tax

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