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Dated 21/10/19
Celebrate your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah with us at Allianz Park!
Dated 11/09/19
Autumn also provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to plan ahead, re-focus for the final quarter and bring colleagues or clients together.
Dated 22/08/19
5 reasons to bring your next event to Allianz Park
Dated 15/07/19
At Allianz Park, they are excited to be offering both shared and private parties in our themed event space this year
Dated 01/07/19
Add a little Olympic history to your next event at Allianz Park
Dated 12/06/19
Go big with your next event at Allianz Park!
Dated 09/05/19
Last week-end saw our versatile event space here at Allianz Park transformed into a bright and colourful scene as we partnered with Asiana.
Dated 11/04/19
Allianz Park - the perfect venue to host your next Simcha
Dated 05/03/19
Take your next event outdoors at Allianz Park
Dated 14/12/18
Executive Box Hire from Monday to Friday!