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Destination Profile: Tel Aviv
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Destination Picture Tel Aviv, was the first modern Jewish city built in Israel, and is the country’s economic and cultural center.  It is a lively, active city with entertainment, culture and art, festivals, and an active night life. Situated on a 14-kilometer-long strip on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is a city on the beach.  Tel Aviv began its history in Jaffa - the ancient 3,000-year-old adjoining city that lies to its southwest.  The current Old City of Jaffa was built during the Ottoman Empire and its stone houses and narrow alleyways now house the picturesque artists’ quarter and tourist center.  Tel Aviv hosts a wide range of architectural styles which were influenced by various schools of architecture - among which was the International Bauhaus style.  The central portion of Tel Aviv - which is known as “The White City - contains the largest group of buildings in the world built in the International Bauhaus style.  For this reason the White City has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  Tel Aviv is Israel’s center for culture and entertainment.  The city has more than 20 museums, the most important of which are the Land of Israel (HaAretz) Museum and the Tel Aviv Art Museum.  Other Tel Aviv museums include the Museum of the Diaspora, the Israel Defense Forces History Museum, the Etzel Museum, the Haganah Museum, the Palmach Museum, The Lekhi Museum, and the Nachum Guttman Museum. The city hosts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera Company, as well as most of the national dance and theater companies. Ben Gurion International Airport is located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.