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Destination Asia, a Global DMC Partner

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Country Profile: Japan
Tel: 020 3011 3102
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Areas Covered:   Japan
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"We are proud to be the first destination management company to specialize in Indochina operations and the first Asia based travel company owned by its employees. Since our establishment in 1996 we have developed a network spanning 11 countries. Destination Asia Thailand and Destination Asia Vietnam were the first units of the group to be formed. From these two initial successes; Destination Asia China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos have evolved, further strengthening our association within the region. Pioneered by experienced travel executives, it remains at our core to provide travel services solely responsive to the needs of the client, ensuring you receive the absolute pinnacle of personalized service and product delivery. Our goal is to assist you in expanding your market share and growing your business, placing you firmly on the path to success.

Destination Asia’s tremendous success stems from the old fashioned concept of a ‘family business’. This has been the basis of our company since its inception. We have no outside shareholders or directors, nor equity relationships with international travel conglomerates, so our ‘staff ownership’ principal can respond to the needs of our clientele using the best of local creative talent in combination with our ‘world’s best’ international travel managers. This local ownership empowerment extends to all levels of staff; the result being a drive to create unique and cost effective travel products and services that are unequalled anywhere in the world."