Destination Champion

What is a Destination Champion?

We believe that the best way to add value to our clients is to understand their requirements and recommend destinations and venues based on our own personal knowledge. We are curious and want to see what’s new and we aim to visit our key destinations a least once a year and review over 15 venues in each location.

Katie Holland


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Berlin is the capital of Germany and its location in the heart of Europe makes it a particularly convenient and accessible destination for conferences and meetings. It is also widely regarded as one of the major ‘hubs’ of the world, aided by Germany’s comparably strong economy. Until November 1989 the city was divided by the politics of the Cold War and a section of the Berlin wall still remains. Since the reunification in 1990 after the fall of the wall many government and national concerns returned to Berlin, including Parliament, which had previously been based in Bonn since 1949. After being divided for nearly 30 years the reunification effectively brought two cities into one and consequently Berlin has one of the largest selections of hotels in Europe with a total capacity of over 88,000 beds. There are also large representations from all the major world banks, embassies and a deep underlying history sparking intrigue and promoting tourism throughout what is now a particularly vibrant European city.

Why I would recommend Berlin

When I was first approached to apply for the Destination Champion programme there was really only one place I wanted to claim as my own and that was Berlin. I asked myself how many other European cities can boast the depth of history that Berlin offers? I immediately wanted to visit, to learn more about the evolution and development of such an iconic destination and, in equal measures, realise the potential that Berlin can offer the conference booker in terms of the venues, the infrastructure and the extra-curricular aspects of a destination that can really bring an event programme to life.

Key Attractions

Berlin is a very cosmopolitan city and offers something for everyone. From the very Russian-looking former East side to the fashionable shopping districts of Kurfürstendamm in former West Berlin there is something for all tastes including iconic landmarks, remnants of two great wars and a diversely vibrant nightlife that is renowned around the world.

Infrastructure and Transport

Two major airports currently serve Berlin; Berlin International Airport in Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld. A new airport, Berlin Brandenburg (BER), is due to open in 2015 and is located 11 miles south of the city. The new hi-tech airport will serve the regions of Berlin and Brandenburg and provide a modern central aviation hub for the rest of Europe. There will also be a new rail link connecting passengers arriving into BER to the city centre in 17 minutes and a new motorway link. The main central Station in Berlin (Hauptbahnhof) is also very modern, having opened in 2006 in time for the FIFA World Cup Finals.


Berlin offers so much besides great value for money accommodation and meeting space, including many tourist attractions ranging from the famous Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace and the Tiergarten in the city centre to the region of Potsdam approximately 30 minutes south of the city centre which holds similar status to that of Windsor in the United Kingdom. For those who wish to explore the city there are plenty of opportunities to hire and drive a famous Trabant car which can be guided as a “Trabi Safari” or indeed hired at your own leisure. For those without driving licences the many Segway tours also provide a great means to travel around the city without having to worry too much about your feet later in the day!