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ARC Painswick: Elevating events with unforgettable experiences

Published: 25 May 2023

ARC Painswick, an exquisite venue nestled within the enchanting Cotswolds, offers a range of charming spaces for your event. 



Executive retreats

ARC Painswick sets the stage for exclusive executive retreats. With its 9-bedroom capacity accommodating 24 adults, this country house provides an ideal environment for focused discussions, strategic planning, and team building. The combination of elegant accommodations and serene surroundings ensures a productive and memorable retreat for corporate leaders. The dining room, doubling as a meeting space for 24, and additional lounges create a perfect backdrop for impactful sessions.

Board Meetings

The country house provides a sophisticated and intimate setting for important discussions and decision-making. The well-appointed dining room offers a professional atmosphere, while the luxurious bedrooms ensure a comfortable stay for board members. The peaceful ambiance of the surrounding countryside sets the stage for productive and focused meetings. 

Training Workshops

ARC Painswick is an exceptional venue for hosting training workshops. Its spacious rooms and tranquil environment create an ideal setting for learning and development. The versatile spaces can be arranged to accommodate various workshop formats, whether indoor or outdoor.

Company Retreats/ Parties

Take your company retreats to new heights at ARC Painswick. This country house offers a luxurious and exclusive getaway for your team. The abundance of spacious bedrooms, communal areas, and beautiful outdoor spaces provides ample opportunities for team building activities, networking, and relaxation.

In addition to the different events ARC Painswick can host, their specialised ARC Lobby serves as a one-stop solution, assisting with catering services and organizing activities. Its accessibility and proximity to major cities ensure a convenient travel experience for guests.

When seeking a venue for your next event, ARC Painswick stands out as an exceptional choice. Its historic character, versatile spaces, top-notch amenities, and breathtaking surroundings provide event planners with the perfect canvas to create unforgettable experiences.

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