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thestudio… awarded GOLD ECOsmart accreditation

Published: 09 Mar 2022

We are delighted to announce that thestudio… has been awarded the prestigious ECOsmart GOLD rating across all four of our venues for our environmental impact. Demonstrating our longstanding commitments to sustainability, thestudio… has created extensive measures to embrace environmentally conscious business practices across all locations.

Awarded to hotels and meeting venues demonstrating an eco-friendly approach, the Greengage Travel & Event Solutions ECOsmart rating is an industry-standard accreditation. From food and waste management to energy conservation and social responsibility, each venue is assessed on a range of practices and initiatives that contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

Louise Boyse, Commercial and Business Development Director of Greengage, said:

“thestudio have shown such agility and passion to implement some excellent sustainable initiatives even around obstacles such as not owning their own buildings. thestudio’s work within the local community is very inspiring especially the partnership with Foodinate which has given over 2800 hot meals to those who need it. We are so pleased thestudio chose ECOsmart for the sustainability accreditation and have achieved gold; we look forward to welcoming them to our sustainability community and working with them on their journey.”

ECOsmart is an industry leader in the field of environmental accreditation and operates a directory of the UK’s leading green venues, each committed to minimising their impact on the planet. thestudio joins the directory with a gold rating, following its audit with the team at Greengage earlier this year.

Julian Kettleborough, Commercial Director at here at thestudio is proud of our achievement, commenting:

“We’ve always been keen to explore ways in which we can continue to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Since we opened in 2006, we’ve done our utmost to ensure that we continue to make the changes needed for an eco-friendly business – it’s wonderful to look back and recognise all of the hard work that’s taken place to achieve this.

By working alongside landlords to monitor and reduce energy consumption and making changes such as removing single-use plastic and palm oil-based products, thestudio has worked with Greengage to identify the key elements and initiatives that can be adapted in order to benefit the environment.

“ECOsmart helps us demonstrate everything we do to our guests, as well as giving us a platform that helps us to continuously improve as we learn more about our impact. The achievement of a gold rating recognises us as a venue at the forefront of our green journey and will ensure that we continue to keep this at the heart of everything we do in the coming months and beyond,” continued, Julian.
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