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New website for Roehampton Venues

Published: 27 Apr 2021

In conjunction with our creative team Yellobelly, Roehampton Venues are thrilled to launch their new website in anticipation for back to business and events in May.

The Suffolk-based design agency was responsible for the Roehampton Venues first site which was launched to coincide with the opening of the new, contemporary Elm Grove conference centre back in 2016 along with a full rebrand.

Five years later and working in close collaboration with Anna Fowler, Marketing and Events Manager, the design of the new site uses bold, fun, animating graphics to grab attention and avoids pages of detail. The intention is to stand out from the crowd and give the web visitor just enough information so that they can reach an informed decision quickly and easily. The clean and modern design and streamlined navigation structure complements the modern Elm Grove building matching clients needs with their experience when they come on site.

Visit to take a look!
Posted by: Roehampton Venues

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