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The Eastside Rooms launches hybrid and online event solution

Published: 26 Mar 2021

Birmingham's new conference and events venue, The Eastside Rooms, has partnered with On-Production to launch OnLine at Eastside Rooms, as part of the venues new hybrid and virtual event solution.

The offering is designed with the aim of ensuring that virtual, digital or hybrid events are approached with the same production values as within a live arena, and to make distant event content and structure both seamless and engaging.

Matt Huddart, regional general manager of The Eastside Rooms, said: "We’ve no doubt that the direction of traffic will be a mixture of digital and physical meetings.This isn’t merely about social distancing, by working with On-Productions, we feel that technology will earn a place at the table when planning future events and allow event organisers to grow their audience outside of the room, whilst still providing a captivating experience."

Guy Eaton, managing director of On-Productions, added: "Creating engaging content for a digital or remote audience is difficult and can be daunting for event organisers. OnLine is a way of executing highly visual and managed content so that event organisers can direct the onscreen event to the same level as they do the live event."

"Having super powered technology within The Eastside Rooms means that we can offer clients a secure and robust event with production support that backs up their own creative execution. Ultimately removing insecurities that come with technology and film."
Posted by: The Eastside Rooms

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