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Top six benefits of VeloSpin classes at Lee Valley VeloPark

Published: 04 Feb 2020

Lee Valley VeloPark is home to a state of the art VeloStudio, comprised of 16 Wattbikes and 14 Matrix bikes. The VeloStudio is the perfect place for riders to start or continue their indoor cycling journey. There are numerous different sessions to choose from including “VeloCadence”; a 45 minute session of mixed intervals and drills and “Ride in Movie” where riders can cycle at their own pace and enjoy a classic film. But what are the key benefits of VeloSpin sessions?

Release your happy hormones

Cycling is a great way to boost your mood as it releases adrenalin and endorphins. It also gives riders a chance to process their thoughts in a calm environment. You’ll leave the session feeling physically exhausted but mentally refreshed.

Build lean muscle
VeloSpin sessions are a great way to strengthen core and leg muscles as these are the main muscles which are used during the sessions. In no time you’ll be able to see the body starting to tone up and muscles building.

Increase cardiovascular fitness

A VeloSpin class is an effective way to increase fitness levels. Studies have shown that people with higher cardiovascular endurance are less likely to develop high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Burn calories
For those looking to trim up or lose weight, a VeloSpin session is a great way to burn off a high number of calories in a short space of time. On average an estimated 400 – 600 calories are burnt per 45 minute session. Imagine the results after a few months of consistency?

Meeting new people
Many people join VeloSpin classes to feel a sense of community. As many of us like to follow some kind of routine, you’ll often see the same faces at the classes. Workouts are always more fun with a partner to help motivate you

Anyone can join in
One of the best things about VeloSpin classes is that riders and non-riders at any level can join in. VeloSpin is a safe way to start riding as you don’t need to be a professional to take part and you can’t fall off!

Lee Valley VeloPark has a variety of VeloStudio membership options, starting from just £20 a month. Visit our website to find out more.

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