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Flying Lap Taster celebrates success at Lee Valley VeloPark

Published: 02 Dec 2019

Following British success on the track at the 2012 Olympics and the success of Team Sky on the road in the Tour De France, cycling in the UK enjoyed a boon. Sport England reported cycling to be one the only sports to be experiencing growth.

The Lee Valley VeloPark capitalised on this new-found interest in the sport and business was good. In order to maintain momentum, the team are constantly reviewing and amending the product offer to ensure the venue continues to deliver cycling services which engage and inspire. One example of this is the evolution of the Track Taster to the Flying Lap Taster.

The original Track Taster didn’t include a timed lap,” explains Jeremy Northrop, Regional Manager, South. “We offered a coaching experience which included an opportunity to complete several laps around the velodrome but no official lap time was recorded.

“The Flying Lap Taster has been introduced, providing an opportunity for anybody to record a lap time.

“Rather than simply offering this as a standalone opportunity we packaged it into an 80-minute experience that includes one-to-one skill development coaching, helping individuals to record the best lap time possible. This decision has enabled us to command a fee of £60 for the opportunity.

“Over the last 5 months, we have sold 392 Flying Lap Taster experiences. The introduction has been a huge success and just goes to show how a little creativity can innovation can generate significant new income streams.

Posted by: Lee Valley VeloPark

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