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The Benefits of Team Building

Published: 06 Aug 2019

Is Team Building Part of Your 2019 Business Strategy?

The average person will spend over 90,000 hours at work in their life time. We spend more time in the office with our work colleagues, than our friendship peers. The office dynamic is so important in ensuring productivity- but are you giving you and your team enough time to develop?
We all know how important a cohesive team is, each individual member plays a crucial part in any business’ success, but momentum can be difficult to sustain.
Team Building experiences not only help organisations to keep things moving and evolving, they enhance existing strengths and build relationships. So shouldn’t investing in team building be a key part of your business strategy?
To some it may seem like a fanciful waste of time and money but research has shown the opposite to be true. It builds Trust, encourages Communication and increases Collaboration. Attributes that are key to enabling high performing teams strive to achieve on business goals and objectives.

Here are 5 benefits that make team building worth the investment.

Improve Communication

 Research has shown that face to face exchanges are a big part of effective communication, in a digital world are we losing the art of communication? A team building day can help build relationships, boost morale and increase interaction with those around us.

Develops Problem Solving Skills
Strong problem solving skills can boost effectiveness of any team. Every business suffers from dynamic changes and a team that is quick to react to overcoming difficult hurdles will last the test of time and ensure business goals are achieved.

Shows Employee Appreciation.
According to a study lead by Forbes – highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. The need for appreciation and recognition is a basic human need and is innate in us all. Team building days are not all about the business, they are about highlighting to employee their value to the organisation. A happy workforce sustains business growth.

Builds Trust
Successful teams depend on Trust, safe in the knowledge that teams will pull together to support one another and get the job done. Teambuilding gets people out of their comfort zone, showcasing the importance of working together and trusting one another. If a team lacks trust it will fall behind and become unproductive.

Promotes Company Culture

Culture is a common word but one that has a huge influence of a business and its successes. Any business wants to have a culture in which employees feel integral to the common goal and customers feel valued. But this is possibly the hardest vision to achieve. A culture cannot be bought, it needs to come from within, from a valued and energised work force. Team building brings together all levels of employee, breaking boundaries, increasing communication and encouraging creative thinking and innovation. Skills that are vital for a positive culture.

At Land Rover Experience Eastnor we have been delivering team building days for decades, during this time we have honed our activities to deliver on all aspects of what makes a high performing team. Some might say, the more unusual the activity, the better. Eastnor is all about the outdoors, giving your team the chance to take on some unique pursuits and a fresh and unique environment.

Get in touch with our team of dedicated event planners who can tailor a day to suit your team and your objectives for the day.

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