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The dreaded C word! …Reasons to book Christmas venue now!

Published: 25 Jun 2019

As you can imagine, there’s a whole heap of aspects to take into consideration when looking at potential venues. What your team needs and what the venue offers should be paramount. Here’s a few questions for consideration to help guide your thought processes:

- Getting there… Does the chosen venue offer a variety of transport links to suit all budgets?

- Classic or quirky? The style of your chosen venue says a lot about your brand and your team, does your choice tick all the boxes?

- Do you want to be part of a joiner party night or would you like exclusive use of the venue? - What other events are going on in the venue on the same date, will it impact your party? - Will the venue offer event security for peace of mind?

- Food for thought… It’s really important to take into consideration the catering of the event. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do diets! Allergies, religious or preference… can the venue support all these requirements?

- Check out the bar prices in advance so the drinks are affordable and in line with what your guests would expect as high street prices

- Does the venue have all the appropriate licences; liquor, entertainment, music, etc - Does your package include merrymaking essentials like DJ and decorations?

- Storage… Would you need to store items before or after the party? - Weigh up if you’d implement a “drink voucher” system so everyone gets their fair share. It comes in handy when you’re budget conscious!

- Is the venue fully accessible and able to welcome all of your guests?

- Will some of the team need accommodation? Is there a good range of options nearby?

Party time…

Let’s be honest, it’s always great to have something to look forward to, and what better than a party pencilled in for December. Remember your end of year festivities are in celebration of all your achievements. You may not be counting down the days just yet but before you’ll know it, it’ll be time to go out with a bang!

The run down…

In a nutshell, there are perks of arranging your Christmas shin dig now: avoid both stress and fully booked venues with something to look forward to. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take hold of the sleigh reins and start jotting some ideas down.

Posted by: thestudioleeds

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