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Enjoy a Menu Fit for a First Team With Events at Club Chelsea

Published: 12 Apr 2019

At Events at Club Chelsea, we are giving unhealthy eating the red card, with a new nutritious delegate menu designed exclusively for meetings, conferences and events. The new dishes have been inspired by meals that keep our team’s players at the top of their game.

To ensure delegates stay energised from kick-off to the final whistle, we have worked with the club’s first team nutritionist, Jack Christopher, to create the new ‘Fit for a First Team’ menu. The dishes offer an optimum balance of carbohydrates and energy, healthy fats and proteins to enhance your delegates’ energy, keeping them alert and sharp throughout the day.

Speaking about the new menu, First Team Sport Science and Nutritionist at Chelsea Football Club, Jack Christopher, said: “The new menu has been inspired by the type of dishes we serve the club’s first team to help them deliver a winning performance. We’ve incorporated slow releasing carbohydrate options with a low glycaemic index into the menu – for example porridge oats, sweet potato and lentils – to avoid sharp increases in blood sugar. This ensures delegates benefit from a sustained source of energy throughout their meeting or event.

Jack continued: “The menu is packed full of healthy fats including eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese and specific milk and yoghurt products. We’ve adjusted portion sizes accordingly so that these fats are as beneficial as possible. These dishes help to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and allow our bodies to use the fat as fuel to avoid that mid-afternoon slump and keep delegates on the ball.”

The menu features new breakfast items so that delegates are sufficiently fuelled to tackle the day, including mushroom and spinach egg muffins and gluten free porridge with berries, seeds and nuts.

As protein is vital in a balanced diet, protein-rich lunch dishes have been included on the menu. Event bookers can choose from options including seared tuna steak with lemon, capers and olives; rosemary and garlic grilled chicken breast, and Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille. Almond milk rice pudding with coconut sugar, and chocolate avocado pot are just two of the nutritious dessert options available. Afternoon snack choices include ‘magnesium boost’ smoothies made with spinach, banana, almonds and chia, and homemade protein balls.

The ‘Fit for a First Team’ menu will be available for all meetings, conferences and exhibitions – from gala dinners to events and breakout sessions and small working lunches – and are bookable as part of the new ‘Fit for a First Team’ DDR package.

The Fit for a First Team package includes dishes from the new menu plus hot drinks served throughout the day with granola bars, fruit and homemade protein bars and includes meeting room hire.

Priced from £60+VAT per person
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