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Sunlight Therapy Arrives at Brooklands Hotel

Published: 08 Apr 2019

The luxurious BSpa at Brooklands Hotel has undergone a refurbishment which sees the arrival of a brand new Sunlight Therapy Room.

Brooklands Hotel prides itself on making guest experiences exceptional and the addition of a Sunlight Therapy Room featuring 10 loungers as well as a café area for guests to enjoy a selection of carefully chosen refreshments is part of their commitment to the ethos of ‘Make It Exceptional’.

The Sunlight Therapy Room uses 100% safe ‘sunlight simulators’ to fully replicate natural sunlight. This innovation generates full spectrum sunlight with reduced UVA and UVB, full spectrum visible light and infrared heat which leads to a unique, relaxing as well as health giving experience. The Sunlight Therapy Room provides all the proven health benefits of the sun without the risk of skin damage. Benefits such as better sleep, increase in energy, elimination of Seasonal Affective Disorder, stronger immune system, production of Vitamin D, increased blood circulation and soothing of aches and pains.

Marco Gervasoni, General Manager of Brooklands Hotel, says “We are always looking at ways in which we can improve our guest experiences and are delighted to have a Sunlight Therapy Room in BSpa. It’s widely accepted that 20 minutes per day in regular sunlight provides health benefits. However, real sunlight comes with associated risks which are absent in our Sunlight Therapy Room. Just 25 minutes in our Sunlight Therapy Room will provide an authentic ‘holiday experience’ and our guests will leave rejuvenated and energised.”

Guests staying at Brooklands Hotel on one of our spa break packages, such as the Fast & Fabulous, Fast & Even More Fabulous or Car & Spa will be able to enjoy the Sunlight Therapy Room as part of their package. Guests enjoying a spa day at BSpa will also be able to enjoy the benefits that the Sunlight Therapy Room brings as part of their day.

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