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SenSpa introduces Corporate Wellness workshops to breathe fresh new li

Published: 18 Feb 2019

SenSpa, a luxury Thai spa at the heart of the New Forest National Park, has launched a series of new Corporate Wellness workshops for 2019.

Part of historic country house hotel Careys Manor, SenSpa has created workshops that relax and reinvigorate, improve staff wellbeing and breathe new life into the workplace.

With everything from yoga and Tai Chi to group drumming and mindful eating, each session is designed to nurture and support employees and encourage a sense of unity through working together.

Group Drumming
For 10-100 people, 90 minutes, £25pp
Transform your group into a full drumming orchestra during this exhilarating experience designed to inspire, surprise and energise. The session demonstrates the value of working together as a group – and, of course, it’s lots of fun!

Mind Chi

For 16+ people, 90 minutes or full day, £38pp
This eight-step mind chi routine brings teams together to work in harmony, showing how to reduce stress, prevent burnout, manage energy and develop new positive habits.

Yoga for Executives

8-25 people, 60 minutes, £15pp
This session is tailored to the needs of attendees, bringing teams together to focus and connect. Yoga helps relieve stress, improves posture and flexibility, centres the mind, increase focus, and eases back and muscular problems.

Relaxation Techniques

8-25 people, 45 minutes, £25pp
This 45-minute workshop is perfect just before a brainstorming session. Yoga Nidra is a powerful guided visualisation session that balances the left and right hemispheres in the brain, stimulating creativity through relaxation to improve team effectiveness and creative thinking.

Tai Chi

8-25 people, 45 minutes, £15pp
Tai Chi is used both for defence and for its amazing health properties. Proven to help focus and calm the mind, Tai Chi will enhance the mental focus of team meetings and improve team wellbeing. This workshop is suitable for all fitness levels.

Stress Release through Breathing and Stretching
8-40 people, 45 minutes, £15pp
Breathing properly is fundamental to good health and stress relief. This workshop will demonstrate how to develop exercises that will help restore good breathing habits for lifelong benefits.

Mindful Eating

8+ people, half or full day, £40 or £60pp
Discover realistic, practical approaches to making food and life choices to promote optimum health. The emphasis is to nurture and support attendees to consider their own lifestyle and eating habits, bringing colleagues together to promote a healthier office environment.

Creative Energiser
8+ people, three hours, £90pp
Learn how to explore creativity in the workplace, see things from new perspectives, and discover techniques to initiate effective mind mapping. Work together to thing big!

For more information on any of the workshops at Careys Manor and SenSpa, please visit

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