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Waste not, Help more.

Published: 02 Oct 2018

Let's Feed Brum

As a busy venue playing host to events on a daily basis The H Suite pride themselves on working with outstanding caterers. The H Suite focus on ensuring that their guests, be it for a corporate meeting, conference or celebration can enjoy the best food that Birmingham has to offer.

As anyone who has dealt with large scale catering will know you can often be left with surplus food – even after satiating hungry guests.

Never a fan of waste the team at The H Suite have started an initiative to ensure that any leftover food from the venue is used. Whilst the team are always keen to sample themselves their plan avoids the risk of growing their own waistlines whilst giving back to the most vulnerable people within their community.

The H Suite have teamed up with Let’s Feed Brum, a Birmingham based organisation who provides food, clothing and bedding for those in the city who either have no home or are in temporary accommodation. The organisation’s aim is to reach people who are in these situations and support them through conversations.

The figures tell the story of the amount of need that the organisation meets.
• 80-100 people come to their soup kitchen every single night.
• 700 hot meals are served every single week.
• Over 50 sleeping bags are handed out every week.
• Roughly 40,000 hot drinks are served every year.

Sanjay Datwani CEO of The H Suite said:
We’re so pleased to be able to help this important cause and the volunteers who give so much of their time to help people in need in our city.”

The H Suite recently made their first donation and, alongside their catering partners, are looking forward to continuing their donations as we approach the, even more challenging, winter months.

To find out if you, like the H Suite, can help Let’s Feed Brum visit

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