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Published: 20 Aug 2010

Getting the best from a site visit

A site visit is your opportunity to understand how your event will work at the venue, so make sure the venue has every room or area you are using available for you to see. Arm yourself with a checklist to make sure nothing is missed.

Remember to ask searching questions until you get the answers you need, after all you'll be paying the bill!

Here are some of the things you need to consider:


* Is the venue easy to find, is the signage clear?
* Check the distance and travelling time from the airport and railway station or by taxi and bus
* Is there sufficient parking?
* Is it in a safe area? If security is required, can the venue meet these needs?

The Venue

* Does the venue look welcoming, attractive and clean?
* Are there plenty of staff in the reception area to check-in or help and direct guests?
* Is it clear where the meeting rooms are and how will they be signed?

Registration Area

* Where will this be located and is there adequate storage?
* Is there enough space for staff and attendees? Is it a private area or will people
attending other events be passing through?
* Do you need a telephone, power points and internet connection?

The Meeting Room(s)

* Which floor is it on and how will attendees get there?
* Does it meet the size and layout requirements?
* What equipment is in the room and is there space for additional production equipment
to be brought in?
* Check: lighting, soundproofing, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, power supply,
internet access, wi-fi, ceiling height, door aperture and are there any pillars
to get in the way?
* Are the chairs comfortable, what size are the tables?
* Is water provided for the delegates and what is included in the package?
* Where do attendees leave their coats and bags?
* Where are the nearest toilets?
* Is the venue fully accessible for disabled delegates?


Content provided by the Event Organisers' Guide by Trinity Conferences Ltd

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