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Industry News

BIRD BOX - The Ultimate in Team Building launches at Heart of England

Published: 30 Jan 2019

Take off those blindfolds as you discover the most up to date team building challenge on the market!

We bring you BIRD BOX - inspired by the recent netflix film we will push your senses to the extreme.


We had been talking about it as a creative events team since the films release and noticed the media starting to cover and warn people of the dangers of imitating the film following a spate of internet memes popping up on social media of people replicating scenes from the film.

What we wanted to do was to give people the experience and thrill of Bird Box but under a safe and controlled environment. 
An advantage we have at Heart of England is the space and features we have available to us. With a lake, parkland, woods and the various out buildings coupled with a creative events team, we worked hard on coming up with a set of challenges that would help develop any team. 
The challenges are set to develop communication skills, leadership, problem solving, trust and collaborative working.

I won't spoil the experience by saying too much about the individual challenges but we have half day and full day packages to suit you.

Each package includes teams needing to navigate challenging terrains across land and water using your feet, golf buggies and boats picking up essential items necessary in completing your journey. You will need to do a supply run, sacrifice team members along the way who will need to be your eyes on some of the challenges.  If you stand any chance in reaching 'Sanctuary, you will need to be quick thinking, methodical, logical and work together. 

The team here have tried and tested the challenge and we ALL are of the opinion that this is one of the best team building activities out there. 

If you want to find out more, please get in touch with the team on 01676 540333 or visit www.heartcorporate.co.uk to download the new 2019 Team Building Brochure

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